Carl Weingarten Live at The Berkeley Arts Festival Gallery


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  • Y2K7 Looping Festival
  • Freight & Salvage
  • w/Michael Manring
  • Blue Eternity @ Yoshi's
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  • Carl Weingarten

    "While dobro and slide guitar are usually associated with country and blues, Carl Weingarten breaks the mold to make them into impressionistic, melodic instruments." --AllMusicGuide

    An Endless Premonition

    "Weingarten achieves solely by guitar this fully rich sound. And the warm vibe never lets up." --S. Victor Aaron, Something Else!

    Life Under Stars

    "an album that’s like a ride through the countryside, with landscapes changing around every corner." --John Diliberto - Echoes


    "The new album by guitarist Carl Weingarten goes beyond the expectations of traditional guitar music, resulting in a sonic treat not only for guitar fans, but for anyone interested in a unique listening experience." --Rajman Reviews

    Hand In The Sand (A Compilaton)

    HAND IN THE SAND covers a fourteen-year span--1990-2004--yet remains remarkably cohesive in its vision. The influence of progressive guitarists like John Fahey and Bill Frisell is clear, yet Weingarten's approach is singular.

    Local Journeys

    Local Journeys features Carl Weingarten's slide guitars with Michael Manring on bass and Brian Knave's percussion. The trio delivers an expansive sound of melodic instrumentals and jazz cinemascapes.


    "A soundtrack for you own private movie, the entrancing, nocturnal Escapesilence beckons you to turn off the lights, slip on the headphones and drift off to a strange and wonderful place." --Robert Silverstein, MWE