"Carl Weingarten is best known — and well known — as a music producer and guitarist, but he’s also a lifelong photographer. Weingarten started shooting with a kit camera as a child before moving on to cinematography and, finally, music."

“But there’s no love like the first love,” he wrote in his statement. “Through it all, my still camera was never far away, and I have documented many adventures over the years. Then came digital photography, and it was like getting my first camera all over again. Some common threads run through my music and photography and film work. I would call it ‘cinematic.’ The music I do tends to be atmospheric and evocative of a scene in a film, suggesting drama and characters,” he said. “In my photos there’s often a sense of motion and movement. Not necessarily that something is in motion and I’m following it; but there’s a story in there. There’s a scenario. There’s a movement in a scene.”

--Michael Singman-Aste, The Island